Integrated Flooring Systems

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Expansion Joints

Forms a movement joint for plaster, render or similar materials. Provides for -1 to +3mm movement. Expanded metal wings deliver a strong bond for plaster/render. Lightweight easy to handle and hoist. Quick and simple to fix in place. Movement Beads should NOT be used over structural movement joints.



Thin Coat Angle Bead (Pre-Galvanised Steel)

For 3mm plaster finishes on plasterboard or any smooth background.



Stainless Steel Angle Bead (Standard Wing) (Stainless Steel)

For external render work. One size for both thicknesses.



Stop Bead (Stainless Steel)

Finishes and protects render edges.




Movement Bead

Used where the underlying substrate changes, or where minor movement in the structure beneath the render is expected. Movement beads can also be used where changes in render colour are specified. Movement beads should NOT be used over structural movement joints. 


Thin Coat Angle Bead

Provides a true, clean corner for plasterboard or any smooth background. Protects and reinforces plasterboard joints to minimise cracking. 




Expanded Metal Lathing

BB263 – Provides a key for lightweight plasters over small openings and chases. BB264 – Carrier for lightweight plaster finishes on walls and ceilings. BB265 – General plaster reinforcement. 



Hy-Rib Permanent Formwork for Concrete Joints

Expamet Hy-Rib formwork is manufactured in England to the quality requirements of BSEN ISO 9001: 2000 using hot dipped zinc coated steel sheet DX51D+Z275 to BS EN 10327. Stainless Steel Hy-Rib is available to special order. Hy-Rib is available in three thickness grades. Each of the three Hy-Rib grades has a distinctive coloured stripe inside the rib. 


Angle Beads (Pre-Galvanised Steel)

Provide a rapid and effective alternative to forming arrises (corners) with plaster. forms a straight, true nosing that will not chip or crack. Helps reduce expensive snagging / making good damage done during the course of construction. Eliminates the separate operation of running in the arris. Quick and simple to fix in place. Delivers a strong key for the plaster