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Trio Scraper

Trio Scraper - This mat is excellent for shopping mall and office entrances, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The Trio Scraper mat is best suited for high-foot-traffic areas, recesses and mat wells. The mat is 13 mm thick and has an anti-slip latex backing.

Composition:                Polypropylene coarse fibre needle punch alternated                                         with polyamide brush and drying strips.

Kleenscrape Floorshow

Kleenscrape refers to a raised chevron pattern made up of moulded nitrile rubber which is created by means of a mould. The floorshow (graphic) portion of the mat is digitally printed on polyester in full colour, photographic detail and vulcanised to the chevron patterned nitrile rubber base. This product is limited to a range of standard sizes (moulds).


Jet Print

We can now offer you incredible detail in photographic quality on a tough and practical mat. The mat is manufactured using 100% nylon on nitrile rubber. We are not limited in terms of design and colours. Artwork is available free of charge.


Wetstop Barmats

WetStop is an ideal way to promote a product to the end user at the point of sale. Wetstop is a polyester wear surface which is water absorbent. The mats can be printed in detail with your company logo and message and backed with nitrile rubber. The product is washable. Standard sizes are "A" 20cm x 45cm and "B" 23cm x 89cm. Non standard sizes are available and are excellent for countertop use.


IFS DM walk-off mat

This mat is excellent for shopping mall and office entrances. DM Matting is best suited for use in entrance wells and recesses. It is 12mm high with a low profile. Different types of insert material are available to suit differing conditions. Simple logo's can also be produced on these mats. Best suited to:- • High-traffic areas • Recesses and mat wells • Indoor use/outdoor use


Graphic Inlay Mat

Graphic Inlay is a registered Trade Mark of the Kleen-Tex group of companies. The mats are made from a tufted nylon top cloth and backed with Nitrile rubber. A wide choice of colours may be used to create a vibrant message or logo. The mats have a maximum size of 1.50 x 4.20m



This heavy duty, hard-wearing matting has strips of moisture and grease trapping mat inlayed between the rigid strips which knock off granular dirt and mud. It has been designed for use in high-traffic areas such as shopping centres, airports and commercial buildings. The mat is modular and can be made up to any size to fit into recesses/mat wells. Simple logo's can be done. Benefits/best suited to:- • Heavy duty • High-traffic/trolley areas • Recesses and mat wells